Five reasons why lockers are important within the office… 

1. The way we work has changed 

The increase focus on flexible, agile working is playing the largest factor in lockers to date. The need to store personal belongings when you are not tethered to your office desk and the increase of collaboration space, means you will need somewhere to store your valuables. 

2. Security 

Having a safe place to store items, such as bags, laptops and other high value items, means employees and visitors feel more comfortable about leaving their belongings in a locker. Security is paramount to any modern office. 

3. Create Space 

Adding lockers reduce the need to desk storage and can also be used to direct staff around an office by using them as partitions and walkways. Why not add some visual impact with some planters or using the top as a collaboration area with the addition of power module or docking stations.

4. Personalisation 

Customise your lockers to fit with your company’s branding, different locks and internal configurations to suit you and your employees needs.  

5. Wellbeing 

Communal collaborative working can reduce the “home from home” feeling that is prominant in todays office designs, having a clear space that is for the employee can increase their peace of mind by providing a home comfort that they can keep in their locker and elates the feeling of being part of the team, even if they are away from the workplace for prolonged periods of time. 

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