At Talk Furniture we have some fantastic acoustic solutions supplied to us from acoustic manufacture partners. Below are a number of products that will transform your spaces. As many of these products are bespoke, please email us at with your requirements for prices and further details.

Here are some examples of the systems that we have, available in a range of colours.


These products create a striking impression in any space they are available in unique shapes to make an interesting focal point. They can be incorporated into your business with ease, in a variety of shapes and sizes, each of which can be customised to your space.

There are infinite assembly configurations which offer unique results, allowing every environment to stand out as an architectural statement transforming ceilings and soffits into exciting, suspended landscapes.


As a modular, self-constructed and free standing system, office spaces can now be divided into an array of almost infinite configurations to suit any size or footprint. The systems can be assembled to a desired length, height or linear configuration to divide an open plan footprint..

The system can be disassembled and rearranged which allows for an ever-changing office landscape if necessary, without having to employ costly, invasive onsite contracting work to demolish and reconstruct partition systems.

Wall tiles – Decorative and 3D

Wall tiles provide dramatic visual impact and modern expressionism within a space through functionality and aesthetic versatility.

Carefully considered pattern repeats allow for continuous integration of artistic wall installations from small to large surfaces enhancing acoustic comfort as well as a sense of dimensionality and visual interest.

The interactive versatility of choice when it comes to building up your tile colours is all part of the design process which personalises your installation.


Synergy (shown) is a stand-alone architectural “space within a space”. This acoustic element will enhance any envelope, whether it be within an office environment for meetings and collaborative sessions, reception lobbies or even hospitality spaces such as restaurants to create private cocoons.


Designed to be organic and a piece of architectural statement, our seating ranges can be used as a collaborative piece in the office, great for sparking imagination.