Meeting and Sensory Pods

Having a space within the office for meetings, personal space or a place to unwind is paramount following the return to work. We have all got use to quiet, or our regular routines and need somewhere to have a place to video conference, hold a meeting in privacy or to have a bit of personal space. 

Our selection of meeting pods can do do all of that and more. Take a look at the samples below. 

Below is some images of just some of the 4 person meeting pod we have access to. They vary in design from banded, clear glazing to moveable pods on hidden castors. 

Phone booth pods are simply that, approximately the same dimensions as a phonebox these are great for private calls or zoom meetings. Some of the pods reach up to 30DB in testing. 

Sensory Pod

We have an unique solution to wellbeing in the office. Providing the equivalent of 4 hours meditation in 30 minutes. Our Sensory Pod is perfect for employees and visitors to unwind and relax, ready to face the next task. Contact us today for more information: