Circular Meeting Pod

Unique pods that create a quiet and focused space that allows you to concentrate on tasks, collaborate on projects, and hold meetings, phone calls and more!


BlockO comes in two models.

‘BlockO’ is open on both sides and ‘BlockO Base’ has one side closed, with enhanced acoustic performance and privacy.

The back of the BlockO Base has a centrally located acoustic disk which is surrounded by safety glass.

Both models come in 4-seater and 6-seater sizes.

BlockO’s high level of standard specification includes power sockets and USB outlets, the ‘Spectral Blue’ disinfectant safety system and ‘Quiet Mark’ tested and certified acoustic performance.

Both BlockO models are 2130mm wide x 2140mm – 2170mm (adjustable feet) high.

4-seater models are 1100mm deep and 6-seater models are 1531mm deep.

BlockO pods are powered by a 13A power supply.