Coffee table(s) which can be nested together to create statement piece


Bisous is an oval top table with a flared design that seems thin and light. This contrast between the perceived lightness of the coffee table and the solidity of the marble material is really pleasing for the eye.

These ostensibly asymmetrical designs are unmistakably created to come together flawlessly in an arrangement that is both attractive and useful, with solid stone tabletops and graceful wooden legs. Ideal for areas looking to achieve an organic beauty in their design.

These coffee tables are ideal for a flexible interior setting, drawing inspiration from the beautiful flaws of nature.

Low table Size: 97cm W x 73.5cm D x 26cm H

Medium table Size: 100cm W x 60cm D x 31cm H

High table Size: 77.5cm W x 72cm D x 55cm H